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Get together with friends and family

We all spend a lot of time working - but more than that. We spend a lot of time filled with activities targeted for reaching set goals. We are missing idle time. Time without a specific purpose or goal, time to let things evolve by themselves and simply watch happenings unfold.

In order to create a room that allows for time like this we came up with the idea of the dorfdinner. Friends, family and those who might become friends or family get together for an uncomplicated evening without goals.

On a Friday night every four weeks we invite everyone to join us for a dinner - pasta, salad and wine - and to talk, meet, make music, play and of course eat and drink.

people eating at a long table at dorfdinner
young people jamming at dorfdinner event in delodi office
people sitting at table, standing in background at dorfdinner event

delodi office, Berlin

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