We build solutions.


This is what we do


We build modern frontends.

Based on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and using frameworks like bootstrap, angularjs and jquery we build your designs from scratch and to specification.
In the process we optimize for speed and responsiveness.


We build mobile applications.

Based on ionic and cordova we build mobile applications that run on Android, iOS and more from a single codebase.
Thanks to the deep integration of cordova into angularjs it is possible to provide deep integration with the underlying platform.


We build fast and reliable backends.

As a team we have more than half a century experience in writing PHP based backends.
We use state of the art frameworks in order to achieve stability and to secure your investment.


We connect your infrastructure

As your company grows, more business needs will be solved by software. Very often this results in various silos of data and functionality. We help your organization benefit from connecting these.


This is how we do it


We ask questions.

Before we write the first line of a specification we try and understand your needs, your point of view and your vision in order to identify the most streamlined technical solutions to fulfilling your vision.


We translate.

Specification means to first translate business needs into process- and data descriptions that serve as a common ground between you and your software.

Once this is achieved and agreed on by everyone, we translate this into the first version of machine-code by formulating testcases that reflect the processes and datastructures involved.


We build your solution.

Once we know what needs to be done, the building phase is merely the execution of the specification. We only add a little bit of magic to make it work.

Using methodologies like clean code and test driven development we make sure your software stays extensible, maintainable, transferable to other developers and well documented.


We grow your code.

A software project is never done. As your business grows, you will invariably encounter new challenges that could be met by extending your existing solutions.


Find out who does it

Thomas Schindler Founder/CEO
Thomas was born in the US and grew up in Europe in an environment dominated by natural sciences.
Instead of pushing a scientific career he directed his focus onto the internet leading to a series of successful and unsuccessful projects and ventures ranging from collaboration platforms to mobile couponing systems, least cost routing services and ecommerce platforms. This led to a passion of exploring the social and technological edges of technology.
Thomas Rödiger Founder/CTO
Thomas grew up in east berlin with a preplanned career as a trabi mechanic. But then fate made him cross paths with a 8088 laptop and he was immediately addicted to exploring a freaky little program called gwbasic. It turned out, his talents were much more with bits than bolts, so he studied computer science and started web development with his own company when the internet was still somewhat musically inclined, creating a respectable number of web-applications and sites over the years.
Joe Klinkhammer Senior Developer
coming soon!
Tamás Kovács Senior Developer
coming soon!
Anton Martynenko Developer
coming soon!
Sana Moussa Developer
Sana a tunisian girl, spontaneous, lively and versatile. First studied French literature, then network engineering, to finally complete a Masters in Computer Sciences. One thing that motivates her: Challenges. The most interesting challenge for her is to decrypt everything that arouses her curiosity. Thus was born her interest in software development. Gradually she collected knowledge in this field until she had the opportunity to live a rich experience in professional as well as social life, traveling to Berlin. From there she intends to start her career.
Sergey Bazhanov Developer
coming soon!
Gaël Blanchemain Developer
coming soon!
Stewie Companion
Stewie helped Sana overcome her fear of dogs which is quite an accomplishment.

He checks on each of us peroidically to make sure, we're still alright.
if you want to work with us, take the challenge - send us an email for further info


A selection of what we've done with clients


A selection of what we've done with friends or by ourselves